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Best Physical Therapy In Methuen 

Let Our Team Help You Take Control Of Your Pain Naturally 

Most patients get relief during their first session! 

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Experience The Difference Of Working With The Best
Physical Therapists in Methuen

Our mission is to give you a natural solution to your pain, for life. Having gone through countless aches, pains and injuries ourselves, we take pride in giving you the same quality of care that we would expect as a patient. Our 1 on 1 care with an expert provides you with a custom tailored plan to take care of the root cause of your pain/injury and allows you to achieve your goals as quickly as possible.

Don’t waste any more time wishing you could do the things that you love. Get back to living life the way you want again. Together, we can help you reach these goals, even if other treatments couldn’t!

Our Proven 4-Phase Recovery Process 

Step I - Understand Your Pain

The first step in getting you out of pain is for us to truly understand your pain. Listening to your story and taking a deep dive into your experience helps us create the best plan possible to tackle your pain once and for all. Uncovering certain details such as treatments you may have tried before, as well as your goals will give us insight into what’s going on and what directions we need to go in to help you find relief.


Step II - Find The Root Cause

The next step is to find the root cause of your pain! We do this through our in-depth evaluation process where we take you through a series of movements and positions that uncover your specific limitations. Our main focus in this step is finding exactly what areas are limited in range of motion, strength, and motor control. Looking at all the joints both above and below your pain ensures that we have narrowed down the root cause and are not just “chasing the symptoms”.


Step III - Relieve Your Pain

Pinpointing your specific limitations in step II is the key to creating a treatment plan based on exactly what your body is asking for. To begin relieving your pain, we often start with some form of hands on technique. These techniques are designed to help your body become more comfortable with the movements or positions you are currently limited in. We then slowly build on that by asking the body for more and more through individualized exercises and stretches. We then retest the movements that were painful before to make sure we are moving in the right direction and that we have found the best exercises for you!


Step IV - Keep You Out Of Pain

Once you’ve gotten back to the activities you love, the next and possibly most important step is creating a long term plan to maintain that success and keep you out of pain for good. Our mission here at Rise Above is not only to get you out of pain but to make sure you are able to stay that way! We do this by giving you all the tools you’ll need to prevent that pain from ever controlling your life again.


Ready To Get Started?

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What We Treat

Fix lower back pain
Fix neck pain
Fix shoulder pain
Fix knee pain
Fix foot and ankle pain
Fix hip pain
Fix wrist pain and carpal tunnel syndrome
Fix sciatica and hamstring pain
Woman performing stretch for hip flexor pain
Man getting massage for mid back pain
Woman holding jaw because of TMJ pain
Man grabbing after an ACL injury

Other Services 

Balance & Fall Risk Assessment

Do you or a family member struggle with falling? Do you lose your balance, misstep, or feel unsteady on your feet? Falls are one of the main reasons we lose our independence as we age and are a a major cause of death. This is because 1 out of every 5 falls results in a serious injury, such as a broken bone or head injury, according to the CDC. There are many factors that can influence falls. Our team will help you assess your risk for falling as well as how we can work to reduce that risk and keep you as independent as possible!

Balance and Fall Risk Assessment for Medicare
Running and Gait Analysis

Running Analysis 

Are you a runner that's tired of pushing through chronic aches and pains? Are you looking to improve your time and efficiency? If you answered yes to either of those then our Running Analysis is for you! Our analysis dives deep into all of the aspects that will help you become faster and pain-free without giving up running entirely. We start by looking for specific limitations in your mobility, strength, and motor control throughout the lower body followed by a show wear analysis and gait analysis. Together, we develop a plan that helps you hit your goals while also allowing you to train as much as possible.  

Golf Swing Analysis

Do you feel like your swing has lost some "oomph"? Our Golf Swing Analysis is just what the doctor ordered. Stiff upper back, tight and weak hips, limited shoulder rotation. These are just a few of the many things that can contribute to a loss of power on your swing. Our full body analysis will pinpoint these limitations from head to toe and allow us to create a game plan to get you feeling like yourself on the course again. We've had patients add 10 yards to their drive before we even started the strengthening phase! 

Golf swing analysis

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  • What should I expect during physical therapy?
    Physical therapy will look different for everyone as we treat each person based on their unique situation. As a general rule of thumb, once we assess your condition we will start with some form of hands on therapy to improve your pain levels and mobility. This will be followed up with individualized exercises or stretches to maintain the improvements we made and education on how to perform them at home!
  • What should I wear to physical therapy?
    Please wear clothing that will allow us to examine the area of concern. For most upper body injuries this would include a tank top or baggy T-shirt. For most lower body injuries this would include shorts or pants that can be easily rolled up. For footwear please wear socks and sneakers.
  • How long are my physical therapy appointments?
    Each session is 40-60 minutes of 1 on 1 treatment with your physical therapist! We pride ourselves on always providing 1 on 1 care so that you can achieve your goals as quickly as possible. The length of each visit will depend on the severity of your condition and what types of treatments we will be using; your physical therapist will be able to give you a better idea of how long each session will take following your initial evaluation!
  • What can I do to prepare for my appointment?
    Once your first appointment is set, we will be sending over some health information forms. Please have these completed online by the day before your appointment. That way you will get the most out of your appointment and we can spend all our time finding the root cause of your pain/injury!
  • Do I need a referral for Physical Therapy?
    In Massachusetts, Direct Access laws allow you to see a physical therapist without a referral! This is great news as it helps us get you in and feeling better as quickly as possible. Some insurances do require a referral for reimbursement purposes so it’s worth calling to verify with your specific plan!
  • Will insurance cover my Physical Therapy?
    This depends on your specific insurance plan and coverage but we are more than happy to help walk you through your reimbursement process!
  • Can I use my HSA/FSA card to pay for Physical Therapy?
    Absolutely! Many people have Health Spending Accounts (HSA) and Flex Spending Accounts (FSA) through work and don’t even know it. This money is set aside tax-free and can only be used for healthcare purposes. Your HR department is the best place to ask if you’re unsure. (PS: you are typically eligible to use your spouses as well!)
  • How often will I need to go to physical therapy?
    We find the best results when we’re able to see you 2-3 times per week on average but this always depends on your unique case. We understand that everyone has different circumstances and will make sure our plan is customized to best meet your goals while also fitting into your life!
  • How long until I see results?
    It always depends on your specific condition but most people find pain relief during their first visit! While this is great, it doesn’t mean we’re quite done yet - our main goal is to get you out of pain and KEEP you out of pain, long-term! This may take a few more weeks of hard work but will be well worth it in the long run.
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