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Back to lifting and working out after severe lower back pain.
Severe Back Pain Gone in 3 Visits 

"After years of back pain, I came to see Mike because the pain got to a point where even walking was difficult. I had been to several physical therapists before, however, I had never seen any results. The PTs at these companies would see me for maybe 10 minutes, give me exercises that were generalized and not specific to my needs. Usually, these places had some college student doing most of the work with me instead of the PT. I felt I was not receiving the care that I needed and decided it was time for a change.

In my first meeting with Mike, we spent a whole hour going through various movement patterns to see where my weaknesses were coming from and what was causing my lower back pain. He gave me a couple different exercises to work on, and in just one week, I was already improving. Unlike other Physical Therapy places I had been to; Mike was not afraid to ask if his exercises were working. During each session, he showed that he genuinely cared about the results and that I was not just someone who could pay his bills.


In the past couple weeks, I have seen vast amounts of improvement. Coming from a military background and working in the criminal justice field, I cannot afford to suffer from back pain. My jobs require me to be physically fit and my pain was holding me back. However, after a few weeks of working with Mike, I do not have the pain I am used to having while working or going to the gym. I went from having severe pain just from walking, to being able to run, lift, and jump with minimal to no pain at all. He is a PT that I can trust and rely on because of his work ethic and his genuine care to see his patients thrive. I look forward to continuing this process with Mike."

-Pat O'Leary 

Returned to active lifestyle and working out after months with chronic foot and ankle pain
Returned To Active Lifestyle Without Chronic Foot Pain 

"I cannot say enough good things or recommend Rise Above PT enough! I was struggling with foot pain for over half a year - going from working out 4 times a week to being in pain just standing at work and not being able to exercise at all anymore.


I had X-rays, MRI's, saw multiple doctors and podiatrists but nobody seemed willing to help with my chronic pain issue that didn't require surgery. It wasn't until I came to Rise Above PT that someone actually listened to me and took me seriously.


Mike was amazing to work with, he immediately spotted issues in my posture that no one else had even considered. I was given very clear and easy to follow exercises and within a day I was able to stand at work pain free.


Within a few weeks I was able to start hiking, doing yoga, and even start up running again. Mike was so enthusiastic every step of the way, I really appreciate how much he wanted to be sure I reached my goals and how supportive he was of my progress.


I have been to several PT's in multiple countries and can definitely say the level of care you receive at Rise Above is top notch. I am incredibly thankful to Rise Above and Mike for giving me my life back!"

-Laura Vehring
Lifting and working out without shoulder pain
Pain-Free Overhead Pressing
After 2 Visits

"I heard about this facility from friends locally who have gotten great success from going there for treatment. I was convinced that this therapist can help my chronic shoulder symptoms. 


I have always loved lifting weights. I loved it for more than just its physical benefits. It was a form of therapy as well. Unfortunately, I had a shoulder injury 5 years ago that took my love of the gym and turned it into another life stressor.


Each gym session was excruciatingly frustrating because nothing was helping my shoulder feel more stable, and I was afraid of making my issue worse. This chronic issue effected my mindset too. It caused me to be hyper focused on how much I have regressed, leading to my lack of ability to stick to a single plan of action before self-doubt takes over. This has been a continuous cycle that decreased my self confidence that I desperately wanted back. 


My experience at Rise Above PT has been phenomenal. The therapist, Mike, really took the time to understand what I was going through. His treatment application was next level as well, where he created an adaptable plan that was unique to me and my situation. 


Before visiting with Mike, I was afraid that this was going to be another cookie cutter therapist that would give me basic exercises that I already know and have tried.


After only visiting Mike 2 times, I feel like I am in control of my shoulder for the first time in 5 years. I feel confident pressing weight overhead now, which was a daunting thought not too long ago. I still have work to do, but I can finally have fun at the gym again"

-Sam Nesbit 

Sprinting and working out without hip pain
Sprinting and Working Out Without Hip Pain For First Time In 2 Years 

"I would highly recommend visiting Rise Above Physical Therapy, Mike is extremely passionate and knowledgeable. I was struggling daily with shooting pains in my back right shoulder and pain in my right hip. This pain only occurred during workouts and some days it got so bad where I would not be able to finish the workout.


I went to Mike and he immediately located where the pain was originating from and gave me daily exercises to do in order to ease and stop the pain. Within a few days I was already feeling a huge difference in my physical performance and the pain was going away with each passing day. Now It's been a few weeks and the pain is completely gone. I feel 100% and have even returned to sprinting for the first time in two years."

-Brooke Hardy 

Push ups after wrist pain
Doing Push Ups and Planks Without Chronic Wrist Pain After 1 Visit 

"I came to Rise Above Physical Therapy for ongoing wrist pain that had been impacting my life and my activity level. I began my fitness journey about 2 years ago, and my wrist pain always seemed to limit the progress I made.


I had never suffered any injury, so the pain in my wrist was extremely frustrating as there really was no reason for it. I was limited at the gym, unable to perform push-ups or planks because the pressure on my wrist would cause lingering pain that lasted for weeks, sometimes months. Once the pain went away, I thought I’d be all set to try again, but without fail these exercises that required me to rely on my hands/wrists always caused pain.


I was so frustrated because I felt like this was limiting my progress in the gym and I just felt stuck. The pain in my wrist also limited me at work, where I care for patients that require frequent turning and moving. I hated feeling less than 100%. With Mike at Rise Above Physical Therapy, I not only learned why my wrist was painful without having suffered an injury, but I also learned ways to get rid of the pain that was limiting me.


Mike was very accommodating and flexible with my always-changing schedule. He was patient and thorough, and made me feel very comfortable the entire evaluation. He explained everything he was doing and why.


After just one session with him, I learned multiple exercises that I could practice on my own to help my wrist. He evaluated my whole person, not just the affected wrist, and this allowed him to pinpoint an issue higher up on my arm that was contributing to the pain.


With Mike’s help, I’m now able to practice push-ups without lingering painful effects! I’m excited to get to the gym and work on this skill I’ve had to avoid for the past 2 years, and I’m always so proud when I finish a set! I can never thank Mike enough for his time, knowledge, and patience as he helped guide and teach me. He’s truly one of a kind in this field."

-Cathryn Cook

Back To Playing At 100% For Senior Year After IT Band/Knee Pain

"Worked with RAPT for a month on my IT band injury and it's been the best experience I have had with PT. My PT took the time out to understand what i was going through and we went straight to work.


I started feeling improvement physically and mentally during our first appointment. I must stay I would very much highly recommend here for any kind of treatment."

-Dayne Allen

Playing Soccer Without Chronic Achilles Tendon Pain After 2 Visits 

"I’ve been struggling with a couple chronic issues with both Achilles’ tendons and biceps for years, as a very active person, I play soccer, tennis and as well as endurance races, my issue started to prevent me from enjoying or even being able to participate.


After an injury in my calf and Achilles I finally reached out to Dr. Mike Loebelenz for help. Dr. Loebelenz came to my home on three occasions, gave me tools to manage and resolve my issues.


At first I was unsure about his treatment but after 2 sessions with him regarding my Achilles I was able to run again play soccer with out pain while increasing performance. My biceps issues were dealt with in one session.


Granted it does take work, maintenance, and there is no pill to magically make them go away. His work with me was amazing and totally worth the call. 5 stars and fully recommend him for your PT needs."

-Mark Eliassen 

No Longer Limited By Hip Flexor Pain After 2 Visits 

"Mike was amazing. Few assessments, questions and we were already on the right track. What I liked is he asked me how motivated I was to feel better and what that looked like for me.


As very active personal trainer and needed to be pain free with minimal rest. I followed his every instruction. I knew his words alone couldn't fix me I had to do the homework. And I did.


Took time away from big lifts and maintained daily activity for running my business and in three short weeks I'm 99.9 percent. Still doing the work until I'm 100"

-Dawn Veras 

Debilitating Sciatica Gone After 3 Visits  

"​After I had debilitating sciatic pain I couldn't play with my son, work behind the chair at my salon or continue workouts with my trainer. It limited everything that brings me happiness, it definitely affected how I felt about myself as well. It felt defeating in the worst way. 

My trainer Dawn recommended PT with Mike. And I couldn't be happier that I headed her advice!

Mike guided through intentional movement molded for my body and my needs. I experienced increased mobility and a decrease in pain after just one session. After three sessions total I am back to doing all the happy things again! 

I feel much more confident and flexible and so incredibly happy! Go see Mike if you haven't already."

-Marianne Goodwin

Back To Training After A Pec Injury

"Had an incident where I was bench pressing and suffered an injury to the pec/shoulder region. HAUS of Athlete was the gym I was training at and they also had a PT service where I met Mike.

Mike has been great asset in my healing process of my pec/shoulder. When I first suffered this injury it was hard to workout upper body(bench, shoulder work, etc ). It was frustrating knowing I couldn’t do so.


Each time I had a visit with Mike he had great techniques for me to continue to improve. I rehabbed with Mike for about 5-6 weeks and have seen great improvement. I definitely see the improvement and would recommend paying him a visit. He wants was best for you."

-Chris Agyemang

Back To Sports & Lifting Without Hip Pain After 1 Visit

"I saw Mike for an issue I was having with my hip during my track season. After the first session he had already identified the problem.


I was given stretches to do on my own and had already felt better in a week. I was in pain for a month but only after seeing him once I had felt completely better. He is very knowledgeable and professional."

-Avery A. 

Working Out Without Back Pain After 3 Visits 

"I been having really bad back pain and my trainer recommend Mike and thank god she did. He helped me soo much and gave me some workouts to do at home, which helped.


I also love that he checks up on me to make sure I am still pain free. He was very helpful and recommend him to anyone."

-Paola Veras

Back to working out without shoulder pain or fear
Back To Working Out Without Shoulder Pain or Fear

"While playing softball in high school I injured my shoulder, and I had been experiencing intense shoulder pain on and off ever since then. At the time I wasn't able to lift my arm past my elbow and it hurt doing simple things like driving, taking notes in school, and even leaning on my arm or reaching out in the wrong direction.


The everyday pain gradually became less intense on its own, but it continued to inhibit me from doing the workouts that I wanted and from practicing other sports because the pain would always come back. The last time that the pain came back in my shoulder was simply because I had been leaning back on my arms for too long.


After being evaluated at Rise Above PT and performing the simple exercises I was given, the pain in my shoulder went away in a day. With the shoulder exercises I was able to start weight-lifting with no pain and doing normal, every-day activities without worrying about whether or not they would hurt my shoulder. It was a great experience and I am thankful to not just be able to workout the way that I want to without fear of pain or further damage, but to feel comfortable and pain-free while performing simple movements like lifting a glass in front of me or reaching behind me."

-Amanda L. 

Immediate neck pain relief
Neck Pain Relief Immediately 

"I came in to see Mike because of pain in neck/shoulder. It made it hard to drive when checking for blind spots, or even just looking at traffic to my left side. I had to turn my whole torso to look left and made driving very difficult, especially on longer trips.  

After the first day of treatment I felt 90% better, immediately. After performing my exercises for a few days, I was back to 100%. I now have no more stiffness or pain! I drive a lot for work and Mike made sure that I was back in tip top shape in NO TIME!" ​​

-Joe Kiklis 

No mid back pain after one week
99% Better After First Week 

"Last week while removing my AC from my window I had a sharp pain in my upper back. I could barely stand straight, couldn’t turn my neck/torso, couldn’t lift my arms comfortably- practically in tears.


I went to see Mike at Rise Above Physical Therapy and I was feeling so much better within just a couple of hours! He was patient, knowledgeable and really showed a passion for helping people. I am now 100% pain free and would recommend his services to anyone!"

-Amanda Lynch 

Chronic shoudler pain and neck stiffness
There Is No Question That I Will Be Seeking More Help From Mike 

"I had chronic shoulder pain with neck stiffness.  The exercise given to me relieved my neck stiffness and shoulder pain in a very short time.  Wonderful I want to speak of Mike Loebelenz.  He is awesome. His enthusiasm and knowledge of his work brings a whole new level of positive thinking to my recovery.   


He gave me a fix that was overlooked by other Physical Therapists. However he did not discount the other Therapist's exercises. I can honestly say that with his willingness to delve into further issues, and his concern about the patient's well being and prognosis, there is no question that I will be seeking more help from Mike.  A lot of Physical Therapy actually involves mental therapy as well. Mike has given me a boost in confidence to keep working towards my goals."

-Laurie Russell 
Back to power walking without hip and knee pain
Pain-Free, Power-Walking After First Week of Treatment 

"I ran into Mike at a mutual friend's cookout and we started chatting about what we were both up to. I mentioned that I had been power walking the wooded trails for 5+ miles every day but I had to stop due to extreme shin splints that progressed to my knee, making it feel like I was going to pop a ligament. Mike told me he is a physical therapy doctor now and to give him a call for an evaluation. I figured all I needed was new shoes or new insoles for my sneakers.  

After trying ice, heat, ointments, stretching, new shoes, insoles for shin splints, etc. the pain in my knee and hip was still intense; every step hurt, even sitting had become painful.  I finally gave Mike a call. 


He listened intently while I explained my issue, as well as all of my self-diagnoses and failed treatments.  After the evaluation, he explained why he believed the issue was actually stemming from an imbalance in my hip.  He asked me to do a simple movement several times a day. 


Within 3 days of performing the movement my hip felt better, my knee pain and shin splits were gone! I could then work on strengthening the right muscles to help prevent it from happening again. With Mike's advice, I am back to doing my long distance power walks through the woods, pain-free!"

Constantly researching new and better ways to treat me
Constantly Researching New and Better Ways to Treat Me

"Michael was young but clearly on top of his game. During my visits he always made me feel completely comfortable, knew when we were pushing too hard or not hard enough, paid attention to my progress, and always had a new stretch or exercise to improve my condition. 


There was no question that he was constantly researching and looking for new and better ways to treat me.  My highest recommendations for Mike. For me, he was simply outstanding."

-Bill King
Always looking to enhance his clinical skillset and improve patient outcomes. Wouldn't hesitate to send a family memeber for treatment
Would Not Hesitate To Send A Family Member To Mike For Treatment!

“Mike is a perpetual learner who is always looking for ways to enhance his clinical skillset and improve his patient outcomes. I would not hesitate to send a family member to Mike for treatment!”


-Dr. Kyle Coffey 

Ability to figure out what the underlying issue is and quickly come up with the best plan of care for patients to achieve top results
Desire To Help Others Succeed 

Mike is a true expert at his craft. I’ve had the pleasure of spending 5 years getting to know him over the course of our undergrad and graduate schooling. I cannot say enough about his ability to figure out what the underlying issue is and quickly come up with the best plan of care for his patients to achieve top results. He is selfless and is always there for you. One of the biggest attributes I’ve seen from Mike is his desire for others to succeed along side him. He is nothing but class and I would recommend him to anyone I know!

-Jeffrey Monteiro 

Incredible clinician who is results oriented. Great communicator when breaking down the rehab process
Incredible Clinician Who's Results Oriented 

"I've had the pleasure of getting to know Mike over the past seven years, not only as a friend but as a peer. He has grown into an incredible clinician that is results oriented and as "no-nonsense" as it gets. He is a great communicator when breaking down the rehab process with both patients and other professionals. Any patient would be lucky to have him!"

-Connor Bombaci 

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