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Knee Pain & ACL Rehab In Methuen 

Knee pain and ACL rehab

How Can PT Help My Knee Pain and ACL Rehab? 

Knee pain can be debilitating and can have a number of different causes. Evidence has shown time and time again that proper evaluation and treatment by a physical therapist is a reliable approach to effectively manage and alleviate the symptoms associated with these knee pain.  

ACL injuries in particular require more rehab than most knee issues. Research has consistently shown that proper Return to Sport Testing must be performed by a qualified sports therapist to reduce the risk of re-injury. Many athletes return to play without full range of motion, large strength deficits, alimited confidence. A full battery of testing is the only way to ensure you've properly rehabbed and are ready.  

Don't Let Knee Pain Pain Or An ACL Injury Hold You Back

Take The First Steps Towards A Pain-Free Future With Rise Above Physical Therapy in Methuen 

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