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How PT Can Save Your Business Money

I hate to be the bearer of bad news but musculoskeletal injury is the leading cause of pain, suffering, and disability in the workplace according to What does that mean for you as a business owner? It means that you're losing both employees and money. Did you know that 33% of all worker's compensation costs are attributed to musculoskeletal injuries? There are both direct and indirect costs associated with them, which can have a huge impact on the financial well-being of both you business and injured employee.

The direct costs to your business can include worker's compensation payments, medical payments, and any other legal expenses. Unfortunately, the direct costs are just the tip of the iceberg. The real heavy hit comes from the indirect costs which includes training a new worker to replace the injured one, lost productivity, and reduced employee morale/absenteeism. Just think about how much paid time off or sick days are taken because people are in pain and don't think they'll be able to work. Similarly, when they are able to make it to work, they are not able to work as hard as they could be or they are distracted by theirs aches and pains. Your employees are fighting through pain and it's losing your business money.

This concept applies two-fold to gyms and fitness centers. The reason being is that a gym setting relies on both employees and clients staying healthy/pain free. If a personal trainer is in pain they will not able to coach and demonstrate movements as well as they could. This means that the people they're training will not be getting optimal results. Similarly, if your clients are in pain, they will not be getting the results they dreamed of. You could have the best trainer in the world but their progress will be limited if they're hurting. Clients may stop coming to the gym all together because they are frustrated by constantly working through injuries and not being able to find relief. Pain is leaving you with less people coming into your business, less satisfied clients, and trainers who are in the same boat.

The bright side is that many of these injuries are completely avoidable if you take the correct actions towards prevention. This is where physical therapy come in to save the day. We come in for a consultation, which gives us a chance to find what movements reduce and prevent pain for your specific work environment. Reducing pain leads to more happier, more efficient workers who save your business' hard earned money from unnecessary sick time, paid leave, and wasted hours on the clock. The added bonus is that your employees and clients will be much more excited about working with/for you when you bring in an expert to help them deal with their pain. To discuss further details about whether a consultation is right for your business or employees, give us a call.

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