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Why I Work for You, Not Insurance

Updated: Oct 20, 2021

A very common question is I get is: “why don’t you accept my insurance?”. People wonder this because the typical PT clinics they’ve always gone to accept their insurance. The short answer to this question is that Rise Above Physical Therapy is not your typical clinic.

The truth is that by accepting your insurance, my treatment is restricted by what they will allow and cover. This essentially ties my hands and decreases my ability to help you reach your true goals. Insurance only allows you to progress so far when it's on their dime. Once you become "functional enough" in their eyes they decide that you no longer need PT and force me to give you the boot. This means that you have to stop PT even if you have not reached the goals that are important to you and came in for in the first place.

Rise Above Physical Therapy was created specifically as an alternative to this model for patients who want to reach all of their goals, leave feeling completely satisfied, and be glad they went to physical therapy in the first place. Being cash based allows us to work for you, the patient, instead of the insurance companies. This means that you can continue working with us until you feel you're ready for discharge instead of having some third party tell you when you're ready.

I'm sure that many of you reading this have experienced a typical outpatient physical therapy clinic at some point in your life. You've gone to this clinic because you are in pain, feeling lost, and want an expert's help to get your life back. When you get to the clinic, you feel like you've been tossed into the back of a kitchen during a lunch rush. Therapists yelling out exercises from across the room, patients hurrying around, and feeling like you've only seen you're Physical Therapist for a minute. You feel like this isn't what you gave up your hard earned money for and you're right.

You deserve more than 30 minutes of PT 2-3 times per week for months on end. This is why Rise Above PT chooses to work for you. We are able to slow everything down and treat just you. We do this by providing 1 on 1 treatment directly with your PT for a whole hour every session. This is the difference that allows us to get you back to your life faster and more effectively than the treatment you've experienced before.

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