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"It's Just What Happens As You Get Older, Kid"

This is a classic saying you've probably heard from your parents and grandparents alike. They're referring to aches and pains. This is what they were told by their parents/grandparents and it's finally their turn to pass the phrase on to another generation. This is one of the biggest misconceptions passed down from our elders. I'm not saying that whoever told you this didn't experience pain as they were aging, I'm just saying that it was not for the reason they think. They were told that due to their age, the only thing they can do is suck it up and push through it. As healthcare has evolved, we now realize that this is not the truth and that we can live a long, pain-free life if we take the proper measures.

As we get older, we do experience some natural degenerative changes. This is the reason an 18 year old's x-ray looks slightly different than a 50 year old's. These changes are often blamed for your aches and pain but in reality they are completely normal. We like to refer to them as the "kisses of time" or "wrinkles on the inside". These are not the cause of your pain.

We tend to move less and less as we age, especially in modern society. Our lives get busier and the desire for comfort and convenience further exacerbate the issue. This is the true reason why many people end up in pain as they age. This is a similar concept that I discussed in my post "Posture is Not the Cause of Your Pain". As we move less, we spend more time in certain positions. Typically, bent over with rounded shoulders and a forward jutting head. The fact that we no longer move out of these positions is what causes our bodies to sense pain. Here at Rise Above, we will perform a comprehensive evaluation to determine which movements and exercises will specifically treat the root cause of your pain. This allows us to effectively and efficiently get you moving and feeling better. Moving better and feeling better are the first steps to aging gracefully while maintaining your health/independence into later life.

If you want to bust the myth of aging causing your pain, come let us help you break the cycle! Then, you will be able to tell your children and grandchildren that there is a solution out there instead of passing down the same age old saying.

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