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Throw Away Your Laundry List Of A Home Exercise Program

For many, going to PT can feel like you just picked up a second job. You're given a few, manageable exercises during the first week but by the end of the second week you've accrued a list of home exercises longer than you'd care to even read, let alone perform. This is very common and oftentimes overwhelming.

You kick your shoes off after finally getting home from work and immediately begin your laundry list of home exercises. As the list starts piling higher, the quality of the exercises decrease and maybe you start skipping the boring ones. After all, you have a real laundry list to finish tonight as well. I've been in this position before and knew there had to be a better way. The solution: throw away that laundry list of home exercises!

Now that you've thrown that list away, it doesn't mean that you're off the hook. The home exercise program is arguably the most important part of Physical Therapy. Performing your home exercise program is what keeps you feeling better once you leave our session, making it vital that you perform it consistently.

To make sure you're able to perform it consistently, we focus all our efforts on a handful of exercises that are tailored to your personal case. Putting all your time into a few, very effective exercises is what truly makes the difference. You'll feel less overwhelmed because you're not trying to perform every exercise under the sun before making dinner. This leads to less burn out, which greatly increases the likelihood of you completing your exercises and doing so with high quality!

Physical Therapy should be making you feel better, not burnt out. Come to Rise Above PT and experience the difference a tailored HEP can make!

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